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Cotton culture is fascinating and at the same time complex. Due to this complexity, we created several specific tools for the crop. 
Today, 80% of our customers are cotton producers, which encourages us to always advance more and more in solutions that help them on a daily basis.

You will see here:

Pest Monitoring (MIP)

In cotton, the cost is higher in relation to pesticides, because the crop is more sensitive to pests compared to other crops, such as corn and soybeans.


Our solution consists of monitoring, decision-making and post-monitoring (application) steps.


Through an application that technicians use in the field (completely offline) and carry out the survey. When it has a signal, it is synchronized with the portal (website that customers have access to). 

From then on, the technical team (agronomist, consultancy) can make the best decision based on data. 
History, interpolated (heat) map, photos, observations and several ways to visualize these surveys.

Plant height, ideal vegetative growth

Height control using growth regulators is common. 
For this, we created a way for the technician to collect these heights along with the MIP.

So we have the possibility for the farm to define the ideal height for the variety (cultivar).
The system confronts the collected height x ideal height, providing practical and quick insights for the best decision.
It is also possible to issue a report on the applied doses of regulator products, accumulated or individually.

Vegetative Growth

bale traceability

Screenshot 2022-12-15 at 09.40.27.png

we have  in the application the function of creating the bales generated for later collection. It is also possible to use equipment that the farm has, such as pistols with an RFID reader.

The harvest team drops the bale directly from the field.
The collection team launches the collection, also directly from the field.

Have complete control over productivity and bale information!

Detailed phenology

We have a way of phenologically detailing the cotton plant.
We detail the position of each item (boll, white flower, abortion, etc.) and cross-check this with other information. The result is a detail that helps you understand when there were abortions and the behavior of the plant in relation to the application of growth regulators.


It is so unprecedented that we will not publish examples here, to avoid copies.

Schedule a conversation and find out!

Screenshot 2022-12-15 at 09.53.03.png

Certification information

More than 80% of Brazilian cotton is certified. Certification demands a lot of information.
And this is our specialty, capturing relevant information and providing reports quickly.
Our reports are not fixed, they can be quickly customized according to the needs of each farm.


Let's talk?

We are available to show how other producers are using our tools to achieve high productivity!

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