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undisclosed service

undisclosed service

From field to field.

Solution/management for the day to day of your farm.

It works offline.

Customized for you.

Individualized service.


More than 90% of the time you are doing activities in the field.

That is why operational management in agriculture is so important and this is our focus, our solution works directly in the field, from monitoring pests to harvesting.

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The solution

We operate in three main areas, in the palm of your hand via application, or via the web (portal), it is a multi-platform system:


 - Pest Monitoring (MIP), Pragueiro application.

 - Traps

 - Rainfall / Season

 - Phenology cotton


 - Work orders

 - Products e Inventory

 - Team / Fleet / Machine

 - Cost per ha

Machine/Fleet Management

 - Supply

 - Preventive maintenance

 - Cost per fleet

 - Maintenance (PCM)

 - Offline Checklist

We have several special tools for growing Cotton, see more here.

Troque por pontos

Exchange for points

Buy Bayer or Syngenta products, collect points and exchange them for our work:

Bayer products

Area agronomica

​Agronomic area

Helping to take care of the health of your plants.

Pest monitoring (MIP)

The technician performs pest monitoring (MIP - Integrated Pest Management) with our application Pragueiro, offline, and you follow everything remotely!

See via computer, application or reports all the data necessary to make the best decision. History of the pests, the points where the technician passed, photos, observations and maps.

Efficiency and agility, just like the traditional MIP is.

Clima e estacoes

Climate and weather stations

Save all the data related to the climate, to analyze along with the other information, after all, there is only one farm! 

It is possible to integrate data from your weather station or enter it manually.

Get maps, reports and graphs to analyze this information!



Spread traps around your farm, register on the platform and perform the collection.

So your team quickly sees when the last collection was and analyzes the general or detailed situation of the pests from maps and reports!

Area operacional

​Operating area

The activities that take place on your farm, with products, staff and machines from the Service Order. Get cost per hectare and custom reports on all your activities.


Your farm activities

Straight from the field!

With products and stock

organize your team